Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Paper Towns Movie!

THE PAPER TOWNS MOVIE IS SO CLOSE! I really loved the book Paper Towns by John Green, so I'm really pumped for the movie. And since the movie is coming out next week I thought I'd share my thoughts on the movie with you guys. 

The Cast

First things first - the cast.
I think the cast is pretty close to what I had imagined the cast to be like. When I first read the book I immediately pictured Cara Delevingne as Margo and someone comparable to Justice Smiths for Radar. I also find that Halston Sage is very very much alike to how I had pictured Lacey and so is Jaz Sinclair for Angela. As for Ben and Quentin - Q - I actually had pictured something different from Austin Abrams or Nat Wolff. I pictured Ben a lot more tanned and bigger than Austin - not trying to be offending. As for Q, I thought he would be a lot tinier and paler - again not trying to be offending. But I actually don't mind the cast the way it is. I mean it would be a miracle to find the perfect people who are exactly like how I had imagined them to be.

The Story

Naturally, when a book becomes a movie, there are some changes in the story to make it fit in one movie of like two hours or so and, of course, to make it better. I mean, as much as I enjoyed this book, I'd rather not watch a movie of four hours long with literally every scene of the book in it. But I'm kind of curious what kind of effect these changes will have. I heard that Angela will be on the road trip with Q, Ben, Radar and Lacey, which actually sounds like a fun change in the story. I don't think she'll really be an addition that will or ruin the story or change this part of it that much. It does make me wonder if Angela gets a bigger role in the story, like will she help Q and his friends with finding Margo? Or will she - just like Lacey - will be involved only then a bit more on the background? 
I'm pretty sure that the emphasis will be put on the search for Margo, because that's what the book mostly is about. But the big, burning question in my mind is how this search will turn out in the movie. I personally think that the search is more about Q finding Margo and by that I don't necessarily mean physically but I mainly mean finding the real Margo. In the search he discovers a lot about Margo he didn't know about before and it feels like he actually never knew her until then. The rest, actually, is more to make the story more fun and exciting. And the other characters don't have this strong need to figure out the real Margo - they either just want to help Q or they just want to find her.
So what I'm basically trying to say is that the emphasis should be put on Q finding Margo, but since that would actually turn out to be boring if we're only going to get to see Q who's desperately trying to find out who Margo is. I'll probably fall asleep just like my dad, although he always falls asleep when we're watching a movie that I like :/. 
So I think that the emphasis will be put on how Q and his friends are trying to figure out the clues that Margo left and what struggles they have with each other (for example, the fight between Ben and Q) and the search and the roadtrip. I'm really excited for the roadtrip - I think I'm going to pee my pants from laughing so hard. And I actually want the rest of the characters to play a big role in the movie, because I need Ben in the movie. I. LOVE. BEN. EVERYBODY SHOULD LOVE BEN! He always makes me laugh and nearly pee my pants, even though peeing your pants isn't so fun... Ben is the character who makes everything less serious and more fun. Without him I'm pretty sure the story would suck. (Maybe not.)

Tiny Details

I really really really hope that they keep a lot of the tiny details in the movie. For example the obsession that Radar's parents have for black santa's should definitely stay in - don't ask me why, just do it - and RHAPAW! THEY MUST CALL BEN'S CAR RHAPAW.
Or the story that Margo wrote about her and Q is so cute and fun, that it must stay. But I don't want Margo to chop off her hair, they can leave that out.
I always like it when the tiny details in the story come back in the movie, so I'll probably be whining about the movie the whole time if that one tiny detail I wanted to (or didn't want to) be in the movie isn't there. Do you guys have any tiny details that definitely should or shouldn't be in the movie?

Overall, I just hope that the movie stays close to the book and is a good visualization of the story. But I'm pretty sure that - even though I don't know all these actors - these actors have done a great job in the movie and will be a good reflection of the characters in the book. We'll figure it out next week! Ahh, I'm SO excited!!!
Until the next blogpost! :)

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