Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Time For A Change

Something's really different here...
Could it be that I changed the font or something?

Badum tsch.
Ha ha. Very funny, Nadi.

No, but seriously - I've really changed a lot of this blog. The background, description, social media, colours, the font - it's all completely different than a few weeks ago.
And the reason for it was and is still very simple - I wanted a change.

You see, for a year - or a bit more than a year, to be precise - I've been blogging about books. Reading and reviewing them or sharing my thoughts on a sequel in some series I just got into. It was really fun and helped me to get in touch with the whole bookish community and I could explore a different side of writing and the books I read sometimes inspired me for my own stories which I would sometimes post here on the blog; it was perfect for a bookworm like me who loved to write.
Until it wasn't.

I'm not planning to give you a thorough and dramatical explanation as to why I don't like blogging about books anymore. I'm not going to tell you that it's because of my o so busy and unpredictable life. I'm not going to tell you that I hate books and that I'd rather see them burned to the ground rather than in my bookcase. I'm not going to tell you that I've been traumatized for life because of certain books and I don't think I can read a single book ever again.
Because really, those aren't even true nor make too much sense.
So what went wrong? What is my reason?
Nothing, really. I just changed. I just didn't feel like blogging about books anymore, because I just like reading them. And only reading them.
Aaannddd I've always liked something else MUCH more: writing stories myself.

So that is exactly what I will be doing on this blog from now on.
I'm going to write.
I'm going to write the biggest book EVER.

Every once in two weeks in this world consisting of words, words will do many things with you - each time something different. Sometimes they'll pull you in through a black hole forcefully, sometimes kindly. Other times they'll flash before you and before you know it, you aren't home behind your computer or on your phone anymore. At other time they're very sneaky and make it seem that nothing's wrong, but as soon as you blink once, twice, the pretence they put up wavers and you can see the most extraordinary things they've hidden.
Every once in TWO weeks a page is turned in this book, Written By Nadi.

Hihi. I hope you're just as excited as I am! I can't wait to see how thick this book is going to get and I hope you'll stick with me till the very last page.

Oh, and if you'd like, you can also send me requests on what type of story I should write (or simply for feedback, of course!). Mind, though, that I won't fulfill the request immediately - that can take some time!

See you on the next page. Bye! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Storytime: Those vicious bombs

O no, the bombs are starting to fall!
They don't spare a single soul, those vicious bombs.
So I run and I run and I run;
I cover my head, my face, my entire body.
I look for a place to hide, but where? Where will they not reach me?

They truly are the most vicious of bombs!
They fall straight out of the dark sky and come down in straight lines,
although the wind, their buddy, tends to help them in other directions, too.
He pulls them to left and to the right, making hiding even more impossible!

But those vicious bombs are very tactical, too...
They start very slowly, a few bombs drop here and there...
They explode here and there...
More start to fall...
And no one realizes it until it's too late, for they are always invisible at first.

Then they reach me - o, and how they reach me!
They explode on my face, my hair, every visible spot of my body, but on my clothes, too!
They explode in tinier bombs, liquefied, 
and trail down my skin and hair, soaking in, and o my god every piece of clothing sticks to me and seems to want to suffocate me and JESUS! - my hair will be dried out after this!

I'm so wet right now, because of that stupid rain.

Just another short story, hihi...
Until the next blog post, then! :)