Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day Book Tag!

I have literally nothing with Valentine's day.
I don't think it's a special holiday or anything or a holiday at all - more a way for companies to get more money. I'm not saying this because I'm single, by the way.
But I can understand why people like it - a special day on which you have an excuse to give your valentine a little gift or to spend same extra time with him or her.
I guess that's fun.
Either way I'm going to do the Valentine's Day Book Tag created by Epic Reads!

1. First Book Crush
Ashallayn'Darkmyr Tallyn from the Iron Fey-series. I mean, he was just such a mysterious hot feary guy - how can a twelve year old who've just gotten into YA-books NOT love him?
He just had it all - he was a prince, he puts up this tough guy act but actually has vulnerable, sweet heart, he can fight, he's sexy, oh god he is sexy, with his scars and his muscles...
*ARHEM* Sorry, getting of track.
But anyway - Ash was my first book crush.

2. What book would you want to be your Valentine?
Wait, just one?
Can't I have various Valentines? Or does that count as cheating...?
Well, I suppose Wonder by R.J. Palacio would be a wonderful Valentine, since it just has this beauty to it and this heart to it; the story is just beautiful and has this beautiful happy ending - it's just beautiful (and I said beautiful three times in one sentence, hehe)!
Wonder would just be a cute and kind and sweet and lovely - and just so damned cute - Valentine!

3. Candy Hearts or Chocolate?
I'm not a big fan of candy - don't look at me like that.
But I just love chocolate... But I don't like to much of it.
You would make me way more happier with a box of Oreo's, 'cause those are little pieces of heaven *angels singing in the background*.

4. What book would you gift your true love?
I think I'd gift him The Humans by Matt Haig, because it's funny and touching and basically anyone will love it, even if you're not much of a reader. And besides at the end there are some, like, "life-tips" which could give him wise lessons or something?
It might be inspiring in some ways - it's just a beautiful story.

5. Favorite Rom-Com
Well, here's the thing - I just hate rom-com's.
Okay, maybe not hate, but I prefer not to watch them. Most of them are just soooooo cliché - ugh, blegh, ugh.
The funny thing is that I used to love them so much - and around that time I was like 7 or 8! It's like the whole child-to-adult proces went the other way around for me: I loved stupid rom-coms when I was younger and now I like fairy tales and games and magic and action and stuff like that, haha.
But my favorite rom-com....
The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds! And no, I didn't watch this when I was a kid, because even though I liked them then I wasn't allowed to watch those movies... Either way - I just really really really loved this one, because it was funny and Ryan is just hot and Sandra such and amazing actress and the whole scheme was just messed up! Pretending to be engaged... Who the hell would think of that? And then eventually actually getting engaged - not cliché at all *cough* *cough*
It was just one of the rare moments in my life I enjoyed such movies. Yup.

6. Best Valentine's gift you've ever received (or want to receive)
I've never actually celebrated Valentine, although once when I was a little kid I gave my BFF a ring a made myself and she gave me one in return, which was pretty damn cute, but we're not BFF's anymore...
I guess books and food'll do - I'll be happy if I got that on Valentine's Day. Or any day actually.

7. Favorite thing about Valentine's Day (if you love it) OR favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day (if you hate it)
Like I said, I don't have anything with Valentine's Day, so I guess you could say that I hate it. And what I like to do on Valentine's Day is just to treat it as a normal day. Just doing stuff that I need to do or read a book or play videogames and just relax. Ooh, yeah, that's a nice Valentine's Day for me.

Well, that's it for this blog post!
I hope you enjoyed!
Until the next blog post, then! :)

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