Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Storytime: Another cold night

It had to be the coldest night of the decade, so cold that even my thick coat and stupid hat couldn't keep me warm.
I continued to walk, while the snow was grating softly under my boots and the dark was surrounding me more and more.
Just a few streets, I thought, and this time I would make it there.
I pushed my hands in my pockets.
I was so close.
It was the umpteenth time I tried, that I went against faith, but this time would be the last. The very last.
I looked around me carefully. The entire city was covered with a thick coat of snow, caused by the snowstorm from a few days ago. It made it almost unrecognisable.
The once o so busy streets with tons of cars and bikers crossing it came to the same height as sidewalk, the first o so happy and cosy café at the corner looked like an abandoned haunted house. Maybe it was abandoned. Maybe they were gone, too. And still, I would give it a shot.
Just one street left.
I started to walk more hurriedly. I went around the corner, into a narrow street, along the shitty flats with the strange inhabitants and again into another alley. I wasn't stopped anywhere. Would I really make it this time?
I started to run, excited and confident.
I was really close now! So close!
Despite the snow I could see the old crates with rotten food, which always stood there, the big trash cans from which the homeless ate and there, at the end of the alley, was a street - my street!
I could already see what would happen.
In the street I would find the house, I would knock on the door en they would open it. They would be surprised and schocked, they would cry and embrace me, they drag me inside immediately, while they kissed and asked me where the hell-
BAM! The fist struck my face, at full power. And then the other came. And another. And another.
Till I fell on the ground. Then the kicks came again.
In my stomach-
In my side-
Against my shins-
Against my head-
And I tried to get my knife, 'cause I had to make it, I had to win and run, run, run, run.
But the pain-
And I couldn't breathe-
I fell in a couple of moving boxes.
Again I lay in that moving truck and again I stood up with a painful expression on my face and an arm wrapped over my stomach. Again I opened the back of the truck and I jumped on the road, in the thick pack of snow. 
Again I was overwhelmed by the cold and I looked around at my beloved city, like it was the first time.
And it had to be the coldest night of the decade, so cold that even my thick coat and stupid hat couldn't keep me warm.
I would continue to walk, while to snow would be grating softly under my boots and the dark would be surrounding me more and more.
Just a few streets, I would think, but I knew better.
Perhaps death would've been the better option.

Annnddd??? Did you like the story?
I wrote for a homework assignment for Dutch-class, which means, yes, I've translated it from Dutch to English and yes, it could contain grammatical errors. I sure hope not too many, but sorry anyway, hihi :$
I sure do love writing short stories! I should do this way more often, but well, time doesn't always agree! And besides when I start writing stories, I'll most likely try to turn them into a book, because they become sooo looonngg or I freak out because I don't find it good enough - jeez, I'm a pain in the ass!
ANYWAY - I'm getting off track.
So that's it for today's blog post!
Until the next blog post, then! :)

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