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Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard!

Since my latest blogpost was a review on Aveyard's Red Queen, I felt obligated to write a blogpost about the sequel of this book, Glass Sword. The book isn't out yet - and it's killing me, LITERALLY killing me - but I do have some thoughts on this book I'd love to share with you guys!

The Story

First up - the story!
Now the story ended almost right after the big plot twist of this book and after the ending my mind kep spinning around possibilities for the next book. And, like that wasn't enough, Aveyard also put this new, and quite important, character in the ending and I was like: WHAAAATTTT. I'm obviously not going to tell you who that is, of course. Hehe.
But I found the first book amazing and I hope that the second one will amaze me just as much as the first one or maybe even more. I'm hoping for more of these amazing plot twists.

I do feel like there's a real war coming up and the battle between the Reds and Silvers is going to be a though one, a revolutionair one. Though it may not really seem like it and both might deny it, this war is more between Mare (and Cal) and Maven than between the Reds and Silvers, which makes me curious how it will turn out.
I have the feeling that Mare is going to be this strong leader who will stand up against Maven and his army, all professional and heroic, and Maven will fight back with full power, but other than that I actually don't have any idea what will happen. Like I said, my mind is spinning around possibilities, and they stay possibilities and not much more. I still have the feeling that Aveyard has another plot twist waiting for us, which makes it difficult for me to have a clear picture of the rest of the story.
All I can do is hope and keep on spinning, I guess.

So I hope that we do get something of the Silvers and not just Mare's hatred against them and against Maven, but something else too, something good, perhaps. Maybe some of them join Mare or she might get some sympathy for them. I just hope that they won't be fully stamped as enemies, because that would make it less interesting and the story much flatter. I like to see some conflicting thoughts about the Silvers, you know, just to spice things up. Knowing Mare's character, I believe that there is a chance that this will happen, although she'll probably deny it at first - it will take time.
And furthermore, the list of Reds with Silver powers both Mare and Maven carry around, how much will that be highlighted? 
I think pretty much, but where does that leave the war, which I think is going to come in the sequel? I'm kind of hoping that this list will bring Mare and Maven together, because I ship them, hardcore. Really hardcore. Maybe they'll be friends again? Or even more?
Maybe Maven changes?
God. So many questions for which I don't have an answer! AVEYARD, YOU ARE KILLING ME!
But I just got to have faith in Aveyard and hope she won't kill me even more with this sequel. And of course that she will write a third sequel. Duh.

The Characters

Ah, the characters! I'm curious about what will happen to them! Who will end up with who? Who will betray who? Who will be added to the story? How will they change the story?
I have no idea who the new characters might be, but I have my guesses. We're probably going to find more Reds with Silver-powers, but I don't think we're going to be introduced to all of them - it would probably make the story messy. But I do hope we're going to see most of them! What will they be like? Will they join Mare or will they decline her and tell her to get the hell out of here? Will they be strong Reds, or fearful like most of the Reds?

Another question that's burning in my head is: Is there going to be a new enemy? Who will betray Mare? (Those are actually two questions, but whatever.) 
Will one of those Reds betray Mare while she's on her way to kill the Silvers?
Will that newly introduced character in the first book betray her? 
I know, I know maybe that's a bit farfetched, if you know who this character is, but hey - from now on I don't trust anyone in that book. 
And are there still some nice Silvers out there? Maybe some sweet grandma's who want to help out and WON'T betray her? Or maybe another hot guy (though hot guys are most likely to betray her - they seem nice, but they always end up to be the bad guy. God. Still want to give it a shot, though.)? Or maybe this cute little kid with big blue eyes or something?
You know, that instructor that helped Mare several times and left for some reason I can't remember. He was nice. Maybe he'll come back with Silvers like him? 

That brings us automatically to the old cast - how will they develop?
Let's start with the main character: Mare. She is determined to kill Maven, but won't everything that has happened to her ask their toll? She got a lot thrown at her and although she managed to sit it all through, maybe it will hurt her more now. Knowing her character she'll probably try to supress any sad feeling and try to use her past experiences in her advantage, but I'm still curious if it won't find its way to get out of the dark and objective corners of her mind and break her down. She is still a human after all (with badass superpowers). Especially her relationship with Cal - how will that affect both of them? Yes, they share the same hatred for Maven and want to kill him desperately, but how will their relationship influence their determination? Will it make things difficult for them? Or will they find their way back to each other? 
Or will they remain friends and Mare will end up with Maven again? I don't know why I ship Mare and Maven so much, but I just like them together, even though Maven is a *peep*. He still has a heart, right? Or at least he'll obtain one, right? Right?
I still think that there's something in Maven that knows that what he's doing is wrong and if Mare just finds a way to get that something to take control over him, he might change. He is just one of those guys who's darkened by jealousy and his mom, but that doesn't mean that there's no good heart on the inside. I RESIST TO BELIEVE THAT.
Although Cal might not think the same about that. WELL, CAL, YOU JUST SHUT UP, OKAY?
(Just kidding. I love you too.)
I think Cal is going to be the guy who will dive into revenge and will let himself be led by this feeling. He probably won't care to think his steps through when he gets a chance to kill Maven, whether Mare will try to stop him or not. 

But we're still not done with this love-rectangle: What about Kilorn?
Yeah, what about him? Good question! I actually have the feeling he won't be so important in the story as Maven and Cal, since he has been through different stuff which Mare wasn't part of and he doesn't have these strong feelings and problems as Maven and Cal, for as far as I know. He loves Mare - that's obvious - and he'll do anything to protect her, but if he'll be important in this fight? No, probably not. I feel the same way for any other additional characters like Farley or that new character - they will help her, protect her, give her advice every now and then, guide her in a way, but that will be about it.
The fight is mainly - like I said - between Maven, Mare and Cal. They've started it and now they'll end it. Hopefully. Unless someone tries to interfere. 
Things are going to get spicy as hell in this book!

The World

Ah, at last - the world!
I'm excited for what else we're going to see of Northa. What beautiful - or maybe not so beautiful - places are we going to visit? What will be going on in those places? How will those place affect the story?
Since Mare and her friends are fugitives now and they have to make sure they don't get caught by Maven and his army, I think she has to travel to new places. Cool places. Dark places. Historical places. I don't know.
I mean look at this map! Doesn't it look awesome? Don't you too want to see what the rest of the world looks like? Don't you want to see what a fantastic world Aveyard has created?
(I got this map from

Well. That was a loooonnnnggggg blogpost! Sorry, guys, but I just had a lot to say, since I'm so freaking pumped for this sequel! I hope you enjoyed this blogpost - even though it was pretty long - as much as I did writing it. I was mostly grinning while writing, haha.
But well, I'm going to stop fangirling now and pretend I'm this quiet girl. If I can.
Until the next blogpost, then! :)

NOTE: Next week I won't be posting anything on my blog since I'm going on vacation!  

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