Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Oh, how I love stories about wars, power and political games and conflicts.
Now don't get me wrong - it's not like I want war in the world or that I like when people suffer or that I like to see how disgustingly smart people can be when it comes to war, it's more that it has so many interesting stories to tell. It's exciting, because you never know who's on who's side. You never know what's really going on, until later, maybe ten years after the war finished, if we're speaking of real wars. Sometimes you discover these strange, unbelievable things people have done to get profit from the war. But besides that these stories can be so mindblowing and so utterly interesting if they're well thought out. When I came across this book, Red Queen, I was immediately interested when the summary spoke of a girl who gets all the power in her hands and now has to decide what to do with it. I love those stories, because you can see what power can do to certain people and how power is used by these people. You can see how characters can turn into completely different persons and there's always one thing that tops it off perfectly - the betrayals, the unexpected ones in particular. 
I went into this story with not so big expectations, actually - I didn't think this story would be all about the nasty games people play in politics and about all this power that comes along with it. And it wasn't really about that.
But it was more awesome than I had expected.


Mare Barrow is a Red and like all the other Reds she lives under the rules of the Silvers, elite warriors with god-like powers. And like most of the Reds, she knows she can't do anything about it - no matter how much she hates them.
But when she gets a job at the palace and accidentally turns out to be a Red with deadly powers of her own, which is a danger for the Silver's control, things start to change in her life. She obtains some sort of power, but how will she use it?
Who will win this dangerous game?

My opinion

Rate: 9/10

O. MY. GOD. This book, you guys, was AWE-SOME.
Aveyard created this cool world and great plot that made it hard for me to put this book down. I do have to say I didn't see much of the world she had created (I didn't see much of Northa as its whole), but what I saw was really cool. And I also thought the characters were okay - they were one dimensional and not so vivid, but they did definitely fit the story and made it interesting at times, especially the love-rectangle (yes, it's an rectangle) was quite interesting, although not really highlighted. It was more about Mare and her powers and choices and not about the love in this book, but love was one of the things that had put Mare in difficult situations and I liked that Aveyard used the love-concept in this way. It was love that made her make mistakes and made her do good things at the same time. 
But other than that I love love loved the plot-line Aveyard had created, which was probably more important than the characters themselves. I felt like it was more about everything that happens throughout the story and how those happenings influence Mare's life and somewhat the other characters' lives. It is true that it is Mare's choices that make sure these happenings happen (that sounds funny, hihi), but that makes her choices and their consequences important instead of Mare herself, although she did suffer or feel good about these choices and those choices did have effect on the other characters, too. 
(That was a long sentence, by the way. Damn.) 
So all these happenings accumulate and then near the end you get this other happening, a plot twist, that changes everything. EVERYTHING. And that makes you want to stick to the book.
The best way to describe reading this book is that it felt like walking down a road and each time you stop and look in the distance you see how the road kind of will look like. But then, when you start walking again and reach a certain point, you see that the road suddenly turns right. It is something different from what you had predicted and that was what amazed me so much about this book. 
I also liked the tiny things, like how I got to see how the Silvers live, their schedules, what they talk about etc. and how not every Silver was happy with the way they lived. And the training sessions were fun too, in which you could see battles and lots of magic, but also rivalry between most characters.
And like I said - that PLOT TWIST. OMG. 
In my opinion the book ended way too soon. The ending had me like: WAIT, WHAT? NO, WAIT. YOU CAN'T JUST END IT HERE. I NEED- I HAVE TO- I GOT TO-. AAARGGHHH.
I need that sequel kind of sort of right now. 

Well. I went a bit crazy today. Hehe.
I think I'm just going to turn around and eh... try to forget this. Yep.
Until the next blogpost, then! :)

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