Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review Legend by Marie Lu

Dystopian novels.
Always very interesting to read, since you're actually looking at a possible future for your own society. It wouldn't surprise me if one of these societies become reality.
When I got Legend for my birthday I was really pumped to read it, because - like I said in my review on Red Queen - I love stories about political games and wars and the government and that kind of stuff. 
But I do have to say; this book wasn't my favorite.


June - a prodigy, who seeks her brother's killer. 
Day - a wanted criminal, who tries to protect his family while trying to stay out of the hands of the Republic.
They meet accidentally, neither knowing each other's past, and are drawn to each other.
But Day killed June's brother. And June wants to avenge her brother's death...

My opinion

Rate: 7.5/10

Like I said - this book wasn't my favorite.
Now don't get me wrong - I DON'T hate this book. I just feel like it didn't have that wow-factor or that amazing plot or those amazing characters. I've seen a lot of these type of films and read a few of these type of books and this one just didn't stand out in the crowd. 
I found the characters quite flat - they weren't very complex or strong, but pretty cliché in my opinion.
The story's been told in two perspectives and I didn't feel that difference in perspective. Yes, they live in different parts of their society and so they think differently about their society, but other than that they're exactly the same. Maybe a bit too much the same. I get that that's probably the point, that even though they have different backgrounds and lives they're actually the same person, but I don't know - I just feel like even though that's the point, I think story would be "spicier" if you saw that strong difference between their beliefs and the fact that they're the same wasn't standing out so much - it would've made them a lot more realistic.
Just my opinion, you guys.
BUTTTTT, this book had definitely some good things too!
The construction of the story was nice - the author managed to and give you an insight in the Republic, the world she created, and to build up the tension in the story. Both were in balance - I didn't feel like I was only reading the story or only reading how their society came to existence. Of course, the story was highlighted way more than the Republic, but I do have a clear picture of how it must look like and how it must be living there.
This brings us pretty much immediately to the writing style which was very pleasant in this book! I could read this book very easily, and even though I didn't think this was the greatest story I've ever read, I found it a decent dystopian novel - it just had everything a dystopian novel should have.
I recommend this book if you'd like to read a dystopian novel for the first time!

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