Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

One of the very few Sci-Fi-novels, but also one of the very best Sci-Fi-novels I've ever read.
I really couldn't put this book down and if really had to, I couldn't wait to start reading again. I loved this book and I completely recommend it!


Todd Hewitt lives in Prentisstown. A town full of men, and no women, who can hear each other thoughts in a never-ending stream, called the Noise.
Just a month away from his birthday, Todd and his dog Manchee stumble upon a spot filled with complete silence. And this knowledge gives them more trouble than they'd expected. Todd must leave his parents, Ben and Cillian, and save his own life.
He's on the run - but how can he escape when everyone can hear his Noise?

My opinion

Rate; 8.5/10

Reading this book was such a great experience. I loved the characters, the plot-line was WOW, the writing style was fun and great, and although I find that the world-build and the sci-fi-elements weren't THAT great - I still felt like it was awesome.

The world was, in my opinion, a bit plain. There wasn't much to it - I didn't really have those "new-environment-with-super-duper-crazy-stuff-feels" and well, I'd liked to have those. I wanted to feel a bit more like I wasn't on a planet comparable to earth.
The same for the Sci-Fi-elements; yes, there were a few spaceships and a few aliens, but they weren't that prominent and just not enough.

But even though I didn't have those "Sci-Fi-feels" while reading this book, I was definitely engaged to the plot-line. IT WAS AWESOME.
This book was so fast, no furiously, paced and that gave such an exciting and tensed effect to me, which really made my heart stop beating a few times. Normally I wouldn't like fast-paced books, because it feels like nothing really happened in the book, but in this case it was really enjoyable and if it wasn't this fast, I'm not sure if I would've liked it all. The characters, and mainly Todd and Viola, have this I-need-to-survive-mentality shining through their thoughts and the book is survival-themed, which makes the fast pace wanted. It gives such an incredible feel to reading it.
But it also makes it end to soon :(.

The characters were really great in this book. 
They managed, just by their different personalities, to swing the mood of the story constantly. Our creep Aaron makes me shiver and terrified; Manchee makes me pee my pants with his "Poo, Todd!" "Poo, poo."'s; Todd makes me feel like I'm about to die any second and gives a bit more of seriousness to the story and Viola makes me fall silent.
These mood swings just make it so much more fun to read and I feel like Ness has made a perfect cast for this book.

The writing style was also one of the great things of this book. It was really engaging!
This is also because of the plot-line, but the writing style definitely had a part in it too.
Especially form of it was what really appealed me. It really stayed true to Todd's origins. He speaks with these yer's and direkshuns's and it makes it for me really fun to read. 
It makes it more Todd than Ness, and I find that a really fun and important element.
Also, the way it's actually written, typed I should say, is fun too. A tiny element, but definitely not an unimportant one. The Noise of the people is written in different fonts and most times go across two pages. Sometimes one page is filled with tons of Noise and I feel like that really makes me understand how overwhelming and distrubing this Noise could be. I'd probably kill myself if I could hear everybody's thoughts. And I would puke when I'd hear the dirty ones - UGH.

Overall this book was a great read. Although I didn't find it "Sci-Fi-y" enough, I still really really enjoyed it. I definitely recommend you to read it!

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