Thursday, August 4, 2016

Storytime: Those vicious bombs

O no, the bombs are starting to fall!
They don't spare a single soul, those vicious bombs.
So I run and I run and I run;
I cover my head, my face, my entire body.
I look for a place to hide, but where? Where will they not reach me?

They truly are the most vicious of bombs!
They fall straight out of the dark sky and come down in straight lines,
although the wind, their buddy, tends to help them in other directions, too.
He pulls them to left and to the right, making hiding even more impossible!

But those vicious bombs are very tactical, too...
They start very slowly, a few bombs drop here and there...
They explode here and there...
More start to fall...
And no one realizes it until it's too late, for they are always invisible at first.

Then they reach me - o, and how they reach me!
They explode on my face, my hair, every visible spot of my body, but on my clothes, too!
They explode in tinier bombs, liquefied, 
and trail down my skin and hair, soaking in, and o my god every piece of clothing sticks to me and seems to want to suffocate me and JESUS! - my hair will be dried out after this!

I'm so wet right now, because of that stupid rain.

Just another short story, hihi...
Until the next blog post, then! :)

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