Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

For today's blog post I'm going to review We Were Liars.
To be very honest, I think I would've never read this book if it wasn't for a good friend of mine who bought me this book for my birthday. I had seen it a few times on Instagram and on Goodreads but I never thought of actually buying it, since it was kind of a summer romance and I thought it would be all about love and how a guy cheated on a girl or maybe didn't and blablablabla...
But it turned out to be something completely different, actually.
Yes, love was definitely a main point in this book, but there was also another bigger main point which was about the mystery that the main character had to solve and the truth that she uncovers, which made it more a book that I like to read.


I find it hard to summarize this book, without spoiling the whole story. But I'm still going to give it a shot.
The story is about a rich girl called Cadence Sinclair Eastman who spends her summers on her family's island called Beechwood. She's very close with her cousins, Mirren and Johnny, and even closer with her stepcousin Gat. The four of them call themselves the Liars since summer 8, the summer that Gat came to Beechwood for the first time. During summer 15 Cady gets caught in a tragical accident and she loses nearly all her memories of summer 15. Now Cady is on a quest to figure out what exactly happened during summer 15.

My opinion

Rate: 8.5/10

I really enjoyed reading this book! Like I said before - the book turned out to be something different from what I actually had expected. It wasn't really about the romance between Cady and Gat, although it seemed like it was in the beginning. It was definitely one of the main points in the book, because as soon as this relationship started to bloom, things started to change. But it was actually more about the quest Cady was on, the mystery she needed to solve.
The thing about the book is that the story stays with you after you've finished it, because the ending, the truth that comes to light, is so unexpected. It gives you that 'wow-what-did-just-happen-feeling' and it makes me hate the book and love it at the same time. 
The author has done an amazing job at building up the story in such a way that you can't exactly see where every happening will lead to. She does leave some clues about what the story is actually about, but I still felt like I had no idea what was coming. Especially in the beginning, in which Cady introduces her life to you and jumps through time while telling you how she spends her summers and what had happened in those summers - I didn't really know what I had to expect. Was something really bad going to happen (like will somebody die?) or will it just be something bad for her (she gets her heart broken for example)? I kept making up these different theories about the book, like: o, it's going to be about Cady who meets Gat who will show her that she doesn't need to be "perfect", even though she had spent all her life thinking she should pretend to be perfect. Or it's going to be about the relationship between Cady and Gat, the difficulties they face and how he eventually, like she and her family always do, lies to her and how her cousins who she really trusts lie to her too or something like that.
Of course, eventually, you will figure out what the story's about and what most likely will happen next.
I also like how the author has written this book in quite an unique and fun way. I'm mainly referring to the metaphors she used in the book. The metaphors come out of nowhere and they just pop up in the middle of the story. For example the metaphor in which Cady got shot by her father with a handgun whereupon she fell on the ground, with her heart hanging out of her chest. I first was like, 'wait, what? NOOOO', but then I kept reading and then I was like 'ooooooooo. phew. Thank god
What I didn't really like about this book is the amount of characters you get thrown at you in the beginning. You sometimes have to reread some parts to figure out who is who again. Also, (warning: spoiler) I'm actually interested in this Raquel girl and why Gat was cheating on Cady with this girl. But since that became unimportant, I personally thought that this part didn't need to be in the story.
But all stories have their good and bad sides, don't they?

Well, that's it for this blog post!
I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you later! :)

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