Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Inside Out Book Tag

O how I loved this movie! It made me smile and cry. A lot.
It just was such a beautiful and fun concept and I just felt so deeply touched by it!
So when I saw jessethereader doing this book tag and I first thought: THEY MADE A TAG OUT OF THIS? NICEEEEEEE. And then I thought: I HAVE TO DO IT TOO. I WOULD DISGRACE THE INSIDE OUT-GODS IF I DIDN'T DO THIS TAG. So here it is - the Inside Out book tag!

Joy - which book brings you the most joy?
Ooh Joy! How cute she was in the movie!
God - this is a though one! Because quite some books have brought me joy!
Uhm... Argh... Uh... I... Eh...
*A lot of uhms and arghs later*
I think I'm going for Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige for this one. But An Ember In The Ashes was fun too. And Red Queen. And Defy and Ignite. And...
Dorothy Must Die was a retelling on the renowned fairytale the Wizard of Oz. It wasn't like this story was all happy, but the fact that it had much of a fairytale touch just made me happy. Makes me feel like a four year old again. Those good ol' times. Kind of.
(I swear I'm not four year old right now. Trust me - I'm quite a few years older than that.)

Disgust - which book disgusts you the most?
Ah, our sass queen - Disgust! 
I'm going for The Incarnations by Susan Barker for this one.
It's not the book itself disgusted me, but there were just some scenes...

Fear - what book made you the most scared?
Fear was so funny with all his rattling in his movie - he made me pee my pants!
I don't think a book has ever scared me before actually. I should read more horror for that I suppose...
Eh... Nope.
I don't have a book that scared me the most.

Sadness - which book made you cry the most?
Honestly, I don't cry that fast when I read a book. It's not that I never engage with the story or anything like that, I just don't cry. So it's very rare when I do cry or that the tears well up in my eyes.
And a book who definitely made sure of that was The Humans by Matt Haig. O. God.
It was funny indeed, but some parts
though... *sniffle* 

Anger - what book pissed you of the most?
Oh, Anger. What a funny little guy.
Ooooooohhhh - so many books have managed to PISS ME OFF SO BADLY. I CAN'T EVEN I JUST HATE THAT O MY GOD JEZUS CHRIST GOD.
But the book who did the most amazing job at pissing me off and making want to break things was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I love love love loved the story, but WHY DID IT END JUST LIKE THAT? I MEAN - MAVEN WHY. YOU AND MARE ARE MY OTP YOU CAN'T STOP BEING MY OTP. AND CAL AND EVERYBODY  - HOLY POOPS YOU CAN'T JUST STOP IT THERE. YOU. CAN'T. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME WAIT FOR SO LONG. WHY. WHYYYYYY.

*pulling herself together*
*puts on a pokerface*
That's it for this blogpost, folks!
Until the next blogpost, then! :)

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