Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

At last - I've finally read the sequel to Dorothy Must Die, The Wicked Will Rise!
I'm falling sooo hard for these series. I love Amy. I love the story. I love the world.
I love the title. I love the BOOK. AND I LOVE DANIELLE PAIGE.
I'm just amazed by the fact that this book does weird things to my brain. At some times I'm just reading like a normal person, other times I'm reading like I'm four years old (that's  a good thing) and other other times I'm reading like my life depends on it.


The story picks up where it left off - Amy, Ozma, Ollie and Maud fly away from Emerald City, away from the ravage Amy and the Order has caused. 
After she failed killing Dorothy she pursues her mission yet again: remove the Tin Man's heart, steal the Lion's courage and take the Scarecrow's brain and then Dorothy must die.
But with the Order vanished and Ozma as her only ally, things aren't that easy. Because many truths come to life and Oz's past seems to have more to itself than she can see and also her old home, Kansas, seems to be in great trouble. What is she going to do?
And who is really Wicked?

My opinion

Rate: 9/10

Though I have my tiny turn offs here and there, I found that overall, the book was just amazing. The concept is worked out so beautifully and I can just see a creepy fairytale masterpiece coming to live. One of the best retellings if read so far!

A thing that I really loved in this story was that amazing character development of our protagonist, Amy Gumm. She's such an amazing and sassy character - I just love her.
You could see that she grew pretty tough in the first book, but in the second book her character development pulled a bit more to the foreground, letting us in her fears adn struggles and the little wickedness inside of her... A thing that Paige does perfectly, andwhat makes this character very realistic, is let her human side remain. Yes, she grows much confidence and strength, but it doesn't turn her into an invincible superhero. She remains Amy, but with just a big twist, letting her better qualities grow and a bit of her fears too, actually, but I won't discuss that because then I'll spoil EVERYTHING.
But with her growth as a character also the tests she has to go through - metaphorically speaking - grow tougher and you can see she doesn't finish them off easily.
And with that tinge of sass in everything she says and does, she's just an amazing, realistic character.

I probably have said it many times before, if not I'll tell you now:
I mean, Oz was already a beautiful, awesome world in its own childlike way, but Paige has made it darker with that tinge of the old fairytale land we all know. I think it has become even more beautiful because of it, because of its imperfections, its darkness that Paige has created and accentuated in this book.
It became a really screwed up version of Oz, horrifying at times, but I guess even the most screwed up things contain some kind of beauty.

I'm gonna say this again and I will say it for the rest of my life: AMY AND NOX.
At some points I was starting to think that Amy and Pete would make a perfect couple ( I can already feel Nox's eyes burning in my back, hehe), but deep in my heart I always knew Amy and Nox would become reality. I really liked that Nox became more of this caring, protective boyfriend, or actually we got to see more of that side in this book, while he still remained his old, cocky, gruff self.
Their relationship is still very subtle and maybe a bit awkward but it just fits them and their personality.

I really felt my bones shudder or my breathing stop when crazy stuff happened to Amy or in the story in general. The writing style is so engrossing, with Amy's characteristics - especially her sass - shining through every single word in the story made it  sooo goodd.
Every evil thing in the book becomes really evil and creepy in the book and the fact that all takes place in the o so sweet fairytale land just makes it even creepier and the good, heroic stuff just become really, really good and heroic and just bring back the four year old child in me, looking at the heroes in full admiration and a tiny tinge of jealousy.
Both of the things are good, by the way :D.

A thing I didn't really enjoy was the fact that it was SO. FREAKIN'. SHORT.
I felt like not much has happened in this book. Not that I could expect very much of a book with 293 pages or that it made it a very bad book - not at all - but I just felt like it wasn't enough. WHERE IS THE REST?
It does kind of fit with Amy's character development though, her turning in this very confident hero thinking she can do it and she just has to do a few things and then everything will be just fine. I don't know why, but it fits. In some undescribable way, haha.
But I still wanted more. And I still want more. AND I NEED MORE.
I'm really looking forward to the third sequel and I'm curious where it all will end eventually. I mean, after this many failures, Amy really deserves a grand victory, right?

For those of you who are also into the Dorothy Must Die series, the third book, Yellow Brick War (another awesome title, by the way) will be on sale somewhere in March 2016!
YAY :)

That's it for this blogpost!
Until the next blogpost, then! :)

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