Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review Bound By Duty by Stormy Smith

Like you probably already know - I love love love fantasy books.
Just the fact that a story is set in a different world with magic and fictional creatures thrills me to read the book. I don't what it is about them, but they just give me a break from reality and allow me to dive into a new world, full of magic and stuff that will never exist here, sadly. So when I heard Benjaminoftomes (such a jolly youtube by the way - I love him) mention Bound by Duty I just knew I had to read it.


The story's about Amelia, who lives in the human world but isn't a human herself. She's an Immortal and a pretty special one - the last remaining Elder. But she has no clue of what being her Elder means and her father who consistently tells her to maintain control over her powers doesn't help much. Even worse, she's betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she has no clue either of he is.
When she's eighteen she finally breaks free to live a normal life in an normal human community. She goes to college, becomes BFF's with Bethany there and she falls in love with a guy called Aidan. 
But her powers grow stronger and as she learns more about herself and the truth, she realizes that the line between duty and love is a thin one.
But which will win, her head or her heart?

My opinion

Rate: 7/10

I liked the story, but I didn't love it.
It is a real fantasy story, though and it has all the fantasy elements. It has the magic, the queen, the prince, the creatures and that's nice. The story itself had a nice and clear construction, but not much more. And that's a shame because I hoped it would rise above my expectations. Another thing I didn't really liked about the story is how the events seem to accumulate. A lot of the events in the book follow each other as soon as one event has ended, giving me as a reader not enough to process it. I don't if a story is fast-paced, and it did suit this story, but could've been just a tiny bit slower. I CAN'T HANDLE IT ALL AT ONCE - I'M NO SUPERHUMAN.

I found the cast of characters in this book flat and a bit stereotypical, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing but I feel like when the story is okay the characters could've been a bit more than okay. The thing about them is that there isn't much more to them than what you see. Everything about them was clear at the beginning and I would've liked it to come to me as a reader a bit slowly, making their role in the story a bit more vague and slowly building it up. Or it could be just me who read just way too many fantasy-story's  and now knows what to expect of all of them... Hehe.

Don't worry - I'm not going to be all mean for this story. I do have some good things to say!
I love love love loved how the author put some humor in the story every now and then.
Instead of making it all serious and depressing or painful or anything she managed to make sure that we weren't all sad and serious and that we could have a laugh or two too.
Amelia is like the average teenager dealing with in the most teenagerlike way and actually, I quite enjoyed that. The way she tries to figure out things, solve things is just like a teenager her age would do. Although I would've liked a bit more authenticity to it, I did enjoy it.

I also found that the balance between her "normal" life and her personal struggles was great and the way it slowly became unbalanced was nice too. It was interesting to see how her personal struggles became more present in her life and influenced a lot more than just herself and her brother. O - the brother sister love between Cole and Amelia though! So sweet and heartwarming to read!

The magic used in this book was sooo fun. I loved how every Immortal had this specific type of colour and that the eye colour changed with it. And the names for the different creatures in the Immortal world were fun too. I also enjoyed how Amelia had some kind of alter ego because of the powerful magic that resides inside her. SO COOL.

Overall I had my turn offs with this book and my turn ons. But I definitely enjoyed reading it! It was definitely not a bad book and if you want to read it you can get for free on iBooks, Kindle or whatever which is nice!

Until the next blogpost then! :)

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