Thursday, April 21, 2016

Opposite Books Tag!

Yup - it's time for another tag post today!
So I came across this tag on a blog called DreamlandBookblog, which - can I just say - is just a beautiful blog, and it looked really fun to do!
So here the tag:

First book in your collection/Last book you bought

O, what a surprise! It's the Iron King that is the first book on my shelf - didn't see that one coming! ;)

This is the last book I've bought! I've already started reading it and - even though I'm still at the introduction - I'm quite loving it!

A cheap book/ an expensive book

The cheapest books on my shelf cost literally nothing. No joke.
These are the so-called book gifts you get from the stores around the bookweeks - we have several bookweeks here in the Netherlands - YASS!
...But I never read the book gifts... hehe

O, man - I just remembered how my heart banged in my chest when I was about to buy this book. Normally I don't buy books that are like 20 euro's or so, so this was quuuuiiiiittteee scary for me.

A book with a male protagonist/A book with a female one

It has been ages since I've read this book, Luka and the Fire of Life.
It's basically about a boy who travels through the World of Magic to save his father who has fallen in a deep and deadly slumber. To save his father he needs to steal the Fire of Life.
Ooh - I definitely need to re-read this one!
O, and Luka is a boy, yes.

Well, we all know this one!
I'm thrilled for Yellow Brick War - AAAAHHHH!

A book you read quickly/A book that took ages to finish

I think it took like a day or so to finish this book?
I can't really remember, but I know it felt like just a second had flown by when I finished after mindblowing, heartbreaking and fascinating ending.

I think it's been a month or two since I started this book.
And I'm still not done.

Pretty cover/Ugly cover

Look at this one - it's sooo preeetttyyyy.
It's so blue.
And white-ish.
And green-ish.
And heavenly.

Uhm. Well.
I want to say BLEGH, UGH, IIIEEUUUWWW, but that's just too mean.
So I'll stick to not so pretty.

A national book/An international book

Carry Slee's books were quite hype quite a while back.
Everybody in the country knows about her and her books and I, myself, did enjoy them too. Back then.
Not anymore.

I actually chosen almost any book on my shelf, but I decided to go for this one, because it Patrick Ness.
I still have to read this one, though.

A thin book/A thick book

My self written book is literally the thinnest book on my shelf.
That's what you get when you're o-so excited to publish a book, but forget the whole writing a book part and instead publish a short story, haha.
I'm proud of myself, nonetheless.

Look at this big guy!
I've never read this book.
This was one of my impulse-buys - it looked nice so I bought it.
Tried to read it and lost interest.


Another Patrick Ness, because I can.

"The Art of the Samurai"...
Another book my dad gave to me - it's full of wisdom of samurai-wielders (or do you just call them samurai's?).
I think it's comparable to "The Art of War", but either way it sounds fun!
And the inside is sooo pretty (Sorry I have no picture of it. And I'm too lazy to make one now.)

Very (way too) romantic/Action-packed

Hey, We Were Liars!
Yeah, I'm not a big fan of romantic books.
But I did enjoy this one, so it wasn't way too romantic.

I think these were quite action-packed.
I mean, they are set in Ancient Rome. And those Romans loved to fight.
So I think these books contain tons of fighting scenes.
But then, it has been ages since I've read the first two...

A book that made you happy/A book that horrified you

I get happy tears in my eyes when I think about Auggie and his story - this was sooo moving!

Actually I had to chose a book that made cry for this part of the tag, but since I couldn't think of one, I chose a book that horrified me instead.
I was really pumped to read this book, but then I got to the crazy, really sexual, scenes and I was like: YEAH NOPE!
Although I've read a book that was even more sexual and even creepier...
But perhaps I'll read this one in the future...

Alright - that's it for this blog post!

Until the next one, then! :)

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