Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Bookmark Collection!

For today's blog post I wanted to share my bookmark collection!
I have these superfun and cute bookmarks, which I actually barely use... 
But I suppose it's a bookish thing, collecting bookmarks. I sure do love having them!
So take a look at my collection!

So this is quite a special bookmark, because it is unique in its kind. My mom made it for me a few years ago and I think it's insanely beautiful (thank you, mom <3).
The only disadvantage of the bookmark is that the stone on the top and the heart underneath it, prevent the book from closing properly. And after a while you find a blob in the pages which is rather annoying...

These two are selfmade bookmarks. 
The one the left is the one I'm currently using.
(The book on the left photo is The Golden Cage by J D Oswald, my current read!)

A lot of the bookmarks I got are from the bookstore in my city. 
This is one of them; it makes me long for vacation...

How did those books become so tiny?...
O wait - they're bookmarks!

What? Me? Reading Dutch children's books?
(By the way this book on this photo is called De dikke bende van De Korenwolf by Jacques Vriens)

Stupid bookmark... You're making me hungry...

Not my favorite bookmarks, but I like the store.
Bruna is a stationary store here in the Netherlands (and maybe in other countries, but I don't know what other countries)

For some reason this bookmarks makes me think of the paintings I made as a kid.
I'm sorry if I offended the one who made it.

Sinterklaas is a Dutch holiday on which we basically get presents from Sinterklaas.
He's like Santa Claus.

Is there even a bookmark on this picture?

Reading between on the flowers on the green green grass...
Never done it before.
Maybe I should give it a shot - it looks like it would be nice.

What do you see there, up in the tree?
Is it nice?

Well, those are my bookmarks!
I hope you enjoyed today's blog post!

Until the next one, then! :)

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