Thursday, January 21, 2016

Exciting Book Releases in 2016!

You know what's so great about the New Year?
The books you've been waiting for for ages finally come out! GOD, I'VE WAITED SO LONG!!!
But you also discover that for some books (*cough* A Torch Against The Night *cough*) you might have to wait even longer than you want too... But either way - it's full of new books for me, uh, I mean all of us readers, to take...
*rubbing her hands together and laughing an evil laugh*
And today I'm going to share you some new book releases I'm really really really but like really excited about!

First up: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.
I've written a blog post about my thoughts on the sequel to Red Queen before, so click here if you want to check that out. But O MY GOD - I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!!
Red Queen left me broken into twinty billion pieces and I just... I can't... God, I feel like... Red Queen was such a great book; the magic, the world, the FREAKIN' UNEXPECTED MINDBLOWING HEARTBREAKING DEADLY (YES DEADLY) PLOT TWIST and that endinggggggggg! It was such a fun and awesome reading experience and I'm just going to say it again; the plotline was sooo great! I just really hope that Glass Sword will be just as great or even greater.
And I've heard so many great things on the sequel from people with ARC's of Glass Sword! THEY SAY THERE WILL BE ANOTHER PLOT TWIST! THEY SAY IT'S WORTH THE WAIT!
It just makes the wait more painful... Ugh.
This book comes out February 9th!

And of course, A Torch Against The Night must be included in this list!
The first book, An Ember In The Ashes, was another great book. Although I didn't find the plot particularly mindblowing, the characters in this book were so colorful and well worked out that this book became a really great read. And I might've loved it a lot too, because it was my first hardcover and it had a map included. Hehe.
But here too; the world Tahir created, which was inspired on the Roman Empire, was beautiful and interesting!
The book itself was really well written and I'm just so so so curious about what will happen in the sequel. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN BETWEEN ELIAS AND LAIA? GOD PLEASE TELL ME!!!
Well, I guess I have to wait till the 30th of August, till I can find out. *sigh*

I haven't read any books of this series yet, but I'm going to, I swear I'm really going to, but I'm thrilled for the third book in the Half Bad-series by Sally Green - Half Lost!
My bookish friend made me read fanfiction on Half Bad and told me so many awesome things about it, so I'm going to have to read it, don't I?
I can't tell you much about this series, but what I do know is that the first book is about a boy called Nathan who is half a white witch and half a black witch and he's stuck in cage and he's going to escape out of a cage. And he's in love with a girl called Alice. And there's this really really really sweet and loyal guy called Gabriel who's in love with Nathan and Nathan is aware of that, but he's in love with Alice, but kinda also with Gabriel, I think, and it's just so unfair, but I don't have any idea what's actually going on, so yeah...
I'm going to have to read it either way, though.
This book will be out the 29th of March!

Or actually I'm not, because I don't want anyone to die, I don't want to lose Amy and Nox or anyone else. *thinks of Gert* *Cries*
The first two books were just complete awesomeness; I just love our sassy, pink-haired Amy and I love Oz, although it's corrupted by the poopiehead of a Dorothy. Such a pain in the ass, that woman. I love her.
Amy has become even more badass in the second book and I'm just so excited for what will happen to her and Oz in the third book. It's been a while since I read the books, though, so I can't recall much, but I just love these fairytale-retellings!
This book will be out the 15th of March!

This book is actually already out, but I'm still going to include it in this list, because why the hell not.
Endure by Sara B Larson - I've been waiting for way too long! TOO LONG!
It has been ages since I've read these books, and I'm going to read them all over again and then read this one after that, because it was such a great reading experience.
Basically it's about a girl who has spent quite some time pretending to be a boy in the personal guard of the prince of the world she lives in. She is one of the best soldiers and goes by the name Alex Hollen. It becomes quite difficult to keep up the pretence, especially when she starts to fall for the prince. Meanwhile a lot of dangers are awaiting them.
The sequel to first book ended on such a cliffhanger - it wasn't necessarily exciting or anything, but it was so so so romantic! I ship Alexa (that's her actual name) and Damian (the prince), so so so much, but there is just a lot of stuff happening right now that might stand in the way of their happiness and I'M TERRIFIED!!!
This book came out the 29th of December, 2015.

And I guess that's it for this blog post!
Most books I want to read came out way before, but I just haven't got my hands on them yet.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Until the next blog post, then! :)

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