Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

I fell for the first book and now I'm falling even harder for the second.
This book ripped my heart out, squeezed it tight, put it back to rip it out again - I've never felt THIS moved by a book before. Never.


After arriving at Haven, the first and biggest settlement of New World who has the cure to Noise, Todd and Viola, who is badly injured find that they were too late.
Mayor Prentiss has already taken over and they've walked straight into his arms.
They immediately get separated from each other and both try to live under the new circumstances and both are wondering where the other is.
And then one day a group called the Answer pops up and the bombs start to explode...

My opinion

Rate: 9.5/10

The Knife of Never Letting Go was furiously paced, but The Ask and The Answer was terrifyingly slow.
Those were the first words I spoke after finishing the second book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy. I am sooooooo moved? blown away? dead?
I don't even know what this book does to me, but it's good. SO. GOOD.

Ness has literally blown me away in this second book. I knew it would be a great series after reading the first book, but I never thought that Ness could make a build-up, a slow pace so utterly terrifying and awesome. 
This slow pace perfectly fits the protagonists' adjustment to their new environment and their feeling of hopelessness and desperation of not knowing who to trust, what to do or how to get back to each other. It also shows us these strong feelings they have for each other, which I really enjoyed reading. Well, I don't think enjoyed is the right word here, more like moved, heartbreaking, making-you-want-to-faint-of-happiness-and-or-sadness.

This slow pace felt more like filling a waterballoon. 
We got these creepy, confusing, mindwrenching events that filled the balloon; questions, horrible accidents, accusations, new friendships, more hatred, new discoveries - ALL OF IT - thrown into it and the balloon just gets bigger and bigger. And at the end of the book - BOOM.
It explodes. And I'm guessing that we're going to see the consequences of the explosion in the third and final - NOOOOO - book.
And it was this in particular that really absorbed me into the book.

The character development in this book is SO. STRONG.
At some point in the story you just feel like you're reading from a whole other perspective. Both Todd and Viola grow up in this book, learn how to make difficult decisions and how to do anything for the other. 
*faints while yelling "OTP! OTP! OMG OTP!"*
They both become these leaderlike, confident persons and that's just so beautiful to see.
And the connection to the characters grows stronger and stronger...

This connection I have with the characters I have in this book is one I've never had before.
I can LITERALLY feel their frustration, their hurt, their anger, thir longing for each other (Todd and Viola). The twisted, too nice but so not nice mind of the Mayor - sorry, President - scares the poo out of me, but I LOVE IT because I can really feel the fear it instills in the characters. It really messes with my feelings, absorbs me even more into the story, to the point where I'm never letting go till I got the answer on my asking.

And there are really no bad things to say about this book! Only that it ended to soon and it still doesn't feel that Sci-Fi-y, although I feel like we're going to get some more Sci-Fi-y elements in the third and last - o boy - novel.
Which makes me realize... I'M ALMOST DONE WITH THIS SERIES.

Ah well, I'll just read it again.

That's it for this blog post!
Until the next blog post, then! :)

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