Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Message To You For 2016

Ahh - just a day till the new year starts!
It's not that special, actually. In the end it's still the next day and nothing will actually change, just the last number of the year.
But the fireworks, the great food and the people just make it special.

Now we all have New Year's resolutions.
"I want to be happy"or "I'm going to study hard in my final year and pass my exams".
All great visions on how great the next year will be. Because this year is going to be YOUR year; this year is going to be perfect; this year, ooh this year, this year is going to be the BEST!

But when all the festivities are over, reality strucks in like lightning and suddenly life returns to normal. Nothing's changed!
You're still the same person like few hours before and well, your same old life goes on.
And those New Year's resolutions?
Well, they're just resolutions, aren't they?

Now I'm not going to tell you to cling to thes resolutions - make them reality! Hold on! Believe! - no.
Nor will I tell you to give up on them.
The only thing I will tell you is this:
Know that you don't know.

Because if you expect to be this or that, to do these great things this year, it will only hurt more when it doesn't happen, when you realize you're incapable, that you lack skill or motivation etcetera etcetera etcetera...
So don't.

Although it's better not to, we till have the visions. I mean everybody has them!
Everybody feels like doing something!
The only problem most of us face is that we aren't prepared for what's next.
And you can't be prepared for what's next.
But you can be prepared for not being prepared. You can be prepared for not knowing what to do.

The point is:
Next year, when you have this list of things you want to accomplish, be prepared for not accomplishing anything of this list at all! Life's weird!
Everything changes every single time! So how the hell would you know what's going to happen? You don't! Will it be good, will it be bad - YOU NEVER KNOW!
And you have to be at peace with that!

But then, what do you do when you never know what to do?
You just live. You do thigs relevant for this very moment. You think you should do homework now? Do it. You see your room's dirty? Clean it.
What will happen tomorrow, what you will do tomorrow, is and stays in tomorrow and you'll see what's up then.
Not now. Because you can't do anything for tomorrow now.
It's true that your actions might have any effect on tomorrow. Like if you do most of your homework now, you might have to do less tomorrow. But what if you get an email tomorrow saying that you get extra homework? Or your mom gives you extra chores?
There goes your preparation for tomorrow. So you don't have any idea how tomorrow will turn out for you.

To this point you probably feel like "know that you don't know" is the worst advice anyone could ever give to you and it's pointless and idiotic and strange and perhaps a bit scary.
Okay then - let's get back to those resolutions.
What are these resolutions?
They are hopes, some impossible, some quite doable.
But in the end hopes are hopes.
We need hopes.
We do it all the time - it's what keeps us going.
Because if we don't hope, how the hell are we going to enjoy this strange, impossible madness called life?

But Nadi, isn't having hopes pointless when you never know what will happen next and you can't be prepared for anything?
You tell me. Is it? Do you feel better if you don't have hopes? Will you feel motivated to do something? If hopes get pointless, then doesn't life become pointless?
If you ask me: no, hopes are definitely not pointless.
Because it's all we can do for now. We can't look into the future, but having hope can give us all a great boost. It will make us try!
If you keep on hoping, you will keep on trying!
And those who keep on trying are mainly the ones who get where they want to be, and happily!
Yes, some don't - they just had bad luck. Maybe they're badly injured, they lived in abad environment or lacked the skills or were aiming for something impossible. But that's life.

But knowing that you don't know isn't supposed to keep you from living or make you feel down or take away your hope!
It should fuel your hope!
You have no idea what is up ahead, you have no idea how things will turn out, so all you can do is hope and try to make these visions come true.
And that will - hopefully (see what I did there? *wink* *wink*) - get you where you want to be.

So here's my advice to you for 2016, and actually every single moment in your life:
Know that you don't know.
You have no idea what will happen tomorrow or next year or if your dreams will come true.
And you need to accept this.
But don't stop hoping, and with that: DON'T STOP TRYING!
Because in the end all you have to do is:
Hope for the best and be ready for the worst!

Have a wonderful time tonight! Enjoy your New Year's Eve with everyone you love and don't forget to hope!
I wish you all the best for 2016!

Until the next blog post! :)

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