Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review Wonder by R J Palacio

I really missed blogging these past weeks so I'm happy to start it again.
And how long has it been? THREE WEEKS
Jeez. Ah well - whatever.

For today's blogpost I'm reviewing a very special book, a book that I wanted to read for a very long time, a book that has touched many people's hearts and mine, a book that is more than a book - Wonder.
O my god, guys. It was one of the most moving reading experience I had in a long time.


The book is about August Pullman, a ten-year-old who's far from ordinary.
Sure, he does ordinary things like eating ice cream or riding his bike. But ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don't get stared at wherever they go.
To protect him from the cruel world, Auggie has been home-schooled all his life by his parents. And now, for the first time, he's going to a real school. And he's anxious about it.
He just wants the people the accept him, to like him, to show them that he's no different underneath it all. But will they?

My opinion

Rate: 9/10

I've never felt this moved and happy by reading a fantastic book. THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY. ALMOST.
And if a book can do that to you, it's a good book. A very good book.

I was immediately engaged to the story from page one. The writing style is great and fits the story. It is simple and its maybe a bit plain, but that is exactly what I like about it.
Because of this plain writing style it feels like these people in the book are normal, who deal with their issues and events in life in a realistic, comprehendable way. It doesn't feel fake, it doesn't feel overreacted - it feels like all of it could've happened in our lives.

I really enjoyed reading this book from these different perspectives. It was really interesting to see how various people who came into August's life dealed with August and their own personal struggles, creating somewhat an understanding towards them and making them more complex and multidimensional.
Via's perspective was one of the most interesting ones to read.
Seeing her secretly struggle with her brother's deformity, the fear of what other people might think in her new school, the guilt for seeing her brother sometimes the way other people do, is interesting to see, especially because it affects them both and that it doesn't make her a perfect sister - it makes her real. It makes her human.

Another thing that I liked about the perspectives was the fact that some of them were perspectives of kids, of ten-year-olds, instead of using a teenager.
Now that's completely true - she does use teenagers in the book with a "teenage-environment" and teenagerproblems, but they aren't that important. They make the story complete, yes, but in the end it is about August and how he deals with it all.
And I really liked seeing that, because Palacio really sticked to how kids of that age think and act, not making them seem like they have no idea what's happening. Because in the end kids know more than we all might think. Just saying.

I find the build-up of the story another very fun and original thing.
We literally race through time in the book and not in a way that it seems to fast or that we're missing out on something. In the beginning, for example, we have August who introduces himself and tells us what's about to happen and for that he kind of races back in time till the point where that thing will actually happen. In the other perspectives they do kind of the same thing and all starting from the moment they met August till the moment we stopped at in the previous perspective. And from that moment continuing the story. And the great thing is - it doesn't feel unclear or too much.

I also really enjoy the tiny little details in the book. Like how many chapters are pretty shorts and have these funny names like "Paging Mr. Tushman" or "Floating". And how every perspective opens with a blank face like the one on the cover, but then adjusted to the person's perspective. And underneath that blank face a quote from a particular song is placed that fits the characters perfectly. I just really enjoyed that!

Overall this book was a fantastic read and was really as good as everybody said it would be. I highly recommend it!
This book was definitely a Wonder.

Until the next blogpost! :) (Feels so good to type that again, haha)

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