Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Writer's Thoughts: The End Must Always Remain Out of Sight

The End 
must always remain out of sight,
 when writing a story.
One may have ideas about it, but must never force it upon the story.
Because the story may not want such an end. A story, in fact, will always turn out otherwise. It will always be different from what you expect,
from what you see in your head.

You are not able to make everything in you have planned out in your head part of the story.

When you write, you revise the idea, the scene or the dialogue, again and you try something else, for that might be a better beginning or a much better development.
But in here lies also danger.
For if you change too much and too many times, the idea, the scene or the dialogue loses its beauty, its authenticity. Too much force will break the puzzle piece so that it can't fit at all.

And gone is the brilliant idea. Enter has the anger, the frustration, the insecurity.
The unwillingness to write.

And that is what we writers do not desire. We fear that unwillingness.
So much that we force ourselves to write when the unwillingness tries to take over.
We write down meaningless words, hoping that it'll turn into something good.
We write fearfullly.

Sometimes it works and we overcome this unwillingness.
Other times, most times it does not, for it wasn't the right time to write.

We writers need our time to rest; we mustn't be writing all the time.
In the end we're human beings and no human can do anything eternally. We need variation, to be busy with something else from time to time.

We writers can't write forever. It's a fact we must accept.

The end must always remain out of sight.
The story will end on its own.
We writers must enjoy the journey as long as it lasts and accept its fate.
We writers must simply write until we can do no more.
We writers must always try to write again and be prepared for the end to come.

The End of this blog post is in sight.
On the next page we'll meet. Where I start to write again until I can do no more; again and again until the end is there...
I hope you enjoyed today's blog post. :)

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