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The Stitcher of Souls - Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1: After Death - Part II

A gate. It opened.
Three thick threads, blue, red and b;ack.
I walk on them. They pierce through me.
And we’re blinded by pulsing whiteness.
I sat on a tree trunk.
I was surrounded by massive trees.
I was in an open spot – it was green.
I was in a forest.

I felt the wind on my face.
I saw how it moved my bare feet, my bare legs.
I looked at my hands, bare too.
I looked at the rest of my body and realised it was naked.
I also realized that it wasn’t a body. It was a shell.

The wind blew again, but it didn’t reach me.
I sat on a tree trunk, but I didn’t feel anything underneath me.
I saw the forest, but it didn’t change me.
I even stood up, but felt no difference in height and experience.

This body was a shell.
This shell carried me, Quin.
I am Quinn. Nothing more, nothing less.
I am Quinn.
I walked and the sun beamed straight at me, but I felt no warmth and no changes when walking.

That is, until someone yelled.
“Hey you– What the hell?”
Someone sat on a horse, which someone put to a stop, but after seeing the shell someone was moving it away again, slowly.
I reached out.

I ran straight at the guy on the horse, but stopped because what the hell indeed.
Where am I? How did I get here? What am I doing here? What is this place?
I looked down at my body and thought of the guy standing before me.
It was just like the animes, really, jeez.
No – Quinn, no time for anime references.
First, hide behind that tree.
Okay, okay – good.
Now slowly, show your face to the probably extremely traumatized guy – I couldn’t really blame him – stop it, Quinn.
Now say something, yes, open up your mouth – WAIT! Don’t say anything – you might screw it up and get yourself in trouble.
Just, eh, ah – got it! Act all innocent and lost and scared.
Yup, perfect.
I stood there, my body hidden behind on of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen, and looked at the guy on a horse, who also wore a badass – Quinn! – cape, in a very innocent, lost and scared way.
He frowned at me, obviously not trusting the naked girl, but also not too sure if she’d really do any harm – well, she might- QUINN! – and after a while he opened his mouth to say something.
He sounded very stern and accusingly.
“What are you doing here, butt naked?”
I cowered under his stern and accusing tone and looked down.
“I-I… I don’t –” what do you say in these situations?
‘I don’t know’ sounds too easy, lying about that this is how I live, suspicious and lying about that I’ve raped and robbed, too obvious and can easily lead to my end, because why didn’t I look tackled and painful?
I didn’t have any info or knowledge that could help me out here.
Well, then the easy one – then I could at least sound like I’m speaking the truth, because I honestly didn’t know why I was here, butt naked.
“…I don’t know.”
He snorted and mumbled, “Of course you don’t.”
Yup, definitely too easy. Well, better stick to what I started.
Even though he was going to think I’m the typical helpless girl. Hallelujah – just like in the movies.
I bet he’s a prince, too.
Quit the sarcasm, Quinn, and make sure you don’t die.
Wow – I died.
I remembered then: I remembered the guy in the dark cloak and his knife – god, that cold knife that did terrible things to my flesh.
Holy shit – I died.
I died. The jokes about dead sounded pretty pathetic at that moment, because at the time I made those jokes it seemed like I could handle it, like it wasn’t a big of a deal, but…
The way I died –
The fact I’m here now –
I couldn’t help but cry.
I slumped against the tree and eventually fell with my knees on the ground.
And I couldn’t help but being utterly terrified and feeling truly innocent, lost and scared.
And helpless, o so helpless.
Ironically, I’d say afterwards.
I started to cry even louder, more desperately and I curled myself up in a ball. I forgot that there still was this guy on a horse with a cape watching me and that I had more important things to do than to cry, but I just let it all out.
Slowly the fear, the tension slipped off of me, just when I felt a heavy jacket fall on top of me.
I looked up to see the guy towering over me, his dark brown eyes staring down at me with a kind of sneer on his face, making him seem quite dark and evil, in that bad-boy-way. His dark, almost black in two earlike pieces, like the ears of a wolf, stood on his head in a well, sexy and messy way, perfectly adding up to his evil face. His olive arms were crossed over his chest and he looked away as soon as I looked up.
“Cover yourself with that jacket,” he said plainly and as I was about to say something, he walked away. “I’ll take you to the nearby city, but from there you’re on your own.”
I carefully put on the jacket, which was longer and warmer than expected, and stood up.
I wiped the tears off of my face and took a deep breath.
Then, I followed him to his horse.

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